Binance Launches ‘Build The Block’ Metaverse Show

    Binance, a leading provider of blockchain and cryptocurrency infrastructure, has launched “Build The Block,” a digital series aimed at finding the next web3 entrepreneur. This is the first show of its kind and marks Binance’s debut in the metaverse.

    The competition will feature 12 startups, with each competing for investment from Binance Labs. Participants will aim to impress a panel of judges that includes Binance co-founder and CMO Yi He, Binance chief business officer Yibo Ling, and other industry experts.

    The contestants are diverse, and their projects range from encryption networks to blockchain gaming, with a focus on enhancing web3 finance, security, and usability.

    Mind Network is a full encryption network that uses a patented Adaptive Fully Homomorphic Encryption (FHE) framework to secure user data, smart contracts, and AI on web3. It is a decentralized privacy-preserving datalake that offers encrypted high-performance data storage and computation.

    Kryptoskatt simplifies web3 finance for clients globally by offering a comprehensive suite of solutions that includes accounting, portfolio management, and tax reporting. Supporting over 2,000 decentralized finance (DeFi) protocols, over 100 exchanges and wallets, and more than 50 blockchains, Kryptoskatt is the one-stop-shop for all blockchain finance needs.

    Sandbags Protocol is a platform that provides businesses with efficient and reliable security protection to help them protect their clients’ assets from loss. It offers proactive protection mechanisms without affecting regular business operations.

    Wallet Guard is a web3 security extension designed to block wallet drainers and phishing attempts while providing confidence in all transactions. It is open-source, installs within seconds, and starts working immediately.

    Ontropy is a blockchain platform that uses heavy cryptography and zero-knowledge (ZK) protocols to eliminate the need for oracles and bridges. It uses proof-of-result, a mechanism for off-chain consensus and immutability. With this system, users can validate their data, guaranteeing security and reducing transaction costs by up to 80% at 3x the speed.

    Hana is a layer-0 for privacy, bringing security and confidentiality to all blockchains. It provides trustless interoperability, consisting of a multi-asset zero-knowledge unspent transaction output (zk-UTXO), allowing for private payments in apps and enterprises.

    PIP is a web3 payment company that aims to accelerate the future of global micropayments. They specialize in creating innovative payment products for individual users, including social payments, web3 Identity (link-in-bio), payment button, and payment link. Their mission is to make it easy for individuals to make and receive payments in the Web3 ecosystem.

    The Harvest is a third-person Hero Shooter game that is focused on team-play, mobility, and abilities. It is designed to allow players to play in their own way and create unique strategies for success by combining different web2 and web3 items.

    Notebook Labs is a platform that uses ZK proofs to embed fully compliant know-your-customer (KYC) and anti-money laundering (AML) infrastructure into DeFi protocols at the smart contract level. By doing so, institutions and retail investors can access decentralized markets, trade real-world assets (RWA), and provide liquidity in a compliant and privacy-preserving way.

    zkPass is a composable, privacy-preserving identity protocol based on multi-party computation (MPC) and ZK Proof (ZKP). It empowers users to selectively prove their verifiable data in web2 and web3, including legal identities, financial, healthcare, social, experience, education, and skills to third parties without disclosing personal details.

    Bracket Labs builds leveraged structured products on-chain with simple interfaces and innovative, adaptive pricing to vastly improve usability.

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