Blizzard and Adobe Embrace Generative AI Tools

    Tech giants Blizzard and Adobe are introducing generative artificial intelligence (AI) tools that aim to assist humans in content creation without replacing their roles.

    On May 23, Adobe, the graphic software giant, unveiled “Generative Fill,” a feature within Photoshop that allows users to generate content based on text prompts.

    Simultaneously, The New York Times reported that Allen Adham, Chief Design Officer at gaming company Activision Blizzard, informed employees in an email last month about the exploration of using image-generating AI to aid in game design.

    Adobe emphasizes that their tool, Generative Fill, serves as a “co-pilot” alongside human designers, rather than a substitute for graphic designers.

    Blizzard’s Vice President of Global Insights, Andrew Guerrero, echoed a similar sentiment, stating that the objective of their AI tool, Blizzard Diffusion, is to automate repetitive and manual processes, freeing up artists to focus on unleashing their creativity.

    Chandra Sinnathamby, Director of Digital Media and Strategy for Asia-Pacific at Adobe, clarified in an interview with The Guardian that their tool is intended to expedite the design process as a co-pilot, rather than replacing graphic designers entirely.

    To ensure transparency, precautions have been taken to distinguish between content created by humans and that generated by AI. Sinnathamby also mentioned that artists who contribute stock photos are compensated when their images are used by the AI.

    Blizzard and Adobe are not the only technology companies capitalizing on generative AI. Nikesh Arora, CEO of cybersecurity firm Palo Alto Networks, appeared on Mad Money with Jim Cramer on May 23, promoting the advantages of generative AI in cybersecurity. Arora stated that its implementation will significantly enhance efficiency and allow the company to grow without a proportional increase in human resources.

    These developments align with OpenAI’s warning that in the next decade, AI systems will surpass expert skill levels in most domains, prompting a call for increased government oversight of AI development.

    While concerns have been raised about potential job losses resulting from AI advancements, others argue that the technology has the potential to create new jobs at a comparable rate.

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