“Brave New World” becomes an NFT

    “Brave New World,” the iconic sci-fi novel by Aldous Huxley, is stepping into the digital world as and the Algorand Foundation team up to create 10,000 eBook NFTs. Each NFT will have a unique AI-designed cover and launch on the Algorand blockchain, redefining the way we perceive and own literary works.

    Consensus 2023 attendees received vouchers with free redemption codes, enabling them to secure one of the 10,000 eBooks. With 500 different cover designs available in varying rarities, collectors have a thrilling opportunity to acquire their favorite pieces of this literary masterpiece. Co-Founder Ben Illian emphasized the shared ethos and vision between and Algorand, highlighting the synergy between the two. The Algorand platform, with its scalability, minimal transaction fees, and near-zero carbon footprint, provides an ideal environment for people to own digital assets and books without fear of censorship or banning by central authorities. is pioneering decentralized encrypted assets technology, which is revolutionizing the eBook retail industry. This innovation allows digital assets like NFTs to exist entirely on the blockchain, eliminating the need for centralized servers or intermediaries. Furthermore, the technology ensures that only eBook owners can access their content, providing a secure and autonomous reading experience.

    The selection of “Brave New World” for this venture is not accidental. By minting 10,000 digital copies of the frequently banned dystopian novel on the blockchain, is ensuring that its chilling message of a heavily controlled society remains accessible and unaltered for generations to come. With this groundbreaking initiative, the future of literature is taking a bold and innovative leap.

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