ChatGPT jailbreak discovered by Coinbase executive

    Conor Grogan, Coinbase’s chief of business operations, claimed to have discovered a “jailbreak” for the ChatGPT artificial intelligence application. ChatGPT generates responses to prompts using natural language processing. Grogan recently used the program to assign probabilities to a variety of political and economic scenarios, including the influence of artificial intelligence on humans, religion, and the presence of extraterrestrial life.

    Grogan discovered that ChatGPT predicted a 15% probability that Bitcoin will become irrelevant by 2035, with a value drop of over 99.99%. Additionally, the tool assigned a 20% probability that Ether would become obsolete and approach price levels close to zero by 2035. Litecoin and Dogecoin fared worse, with probabilities of 35% and 45%, respectively, of the two cryptocurrencies falling to a value near zero.

    Grogan provided others with a script that replicates the prompt he used to build the tables. He also discovered that the tool is “generally” a “big fan” of Bitcoin but is “more skeptical” when it comes to other cryptocurrencies.

    As a tool for predicting price movements and trends in the cryptocurrency market, ChatGPT has gained popularity in recent months. However, these predictions are based on probabilities and are not a guarantee of future asset performance. The discovery of a “jailbreak” raises concerns about a possible security breach, allowing ChatGPT to make more accurate and sensitive predictions.

    Artificial intelligence technologies like ChatGPT offer insight into the growing role of technology in the cryptocurrency market. As more traders and investors rely on these tools for insights and forecasts, it is important to keep in mind their limitations and potential risks.

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