Doodles NFT Project Introduces New Curated Wearables by Pharrell Williams

    Doodles, the renowned NFT project, has recently unveiled an exciting lineup of digital wearables. The curated collection, organized by singer Pharrell Williams, is designed to advance the project’s vision of creating a unique universe that connects intellectual property with social identity, while also rewarding community engagement.

    By introducing these physical wearables, Doodles takes a significant stride toward its goal of establishing a cohesive universe that bridges the gap between intellectual property and social identity. The company recognizes and values the active involvement of its community, and as a token of appreciation, it has partnered with Pharrell Williams, the chief brand officer, to release a line of customized wearables.

    As part of the ongoing Doodles 2 collection, the company plans to distribute 300 “Pharrell-Packs” of digital wearables to the public for free. This initiative is currently in beta, and holders of Doodles 2, which features a vibrant array of pastel-colored cartoon characters encompassing humans, objects, and animals, now have the opportunity to personalize their Doodles.

    The original Doodles collection is limited to 10,000 pieces, and each piece can be sold for more than one ETH, thereby enhancing accessibility for the community.

    Reports indicate that Pharrell Williams has collaborated with his companies, including Billionaire Boys Club’s sub-brand Ice Cream and Humanrace, to craft unique customizations for each Pharrell-Pack. Within each pack, recipients will find a physical redemption token along with three branded digital wearables.

    A total of 252 pairs of Pharrell x Adidas Humanrace Samba sneakers, as well as 12 pairs of the special 50th-anniversary green Sambas, were made available to lucky participants. Additionally, the remaining 36 holders of the “OG” Doodle NFTs were rewarded with various items such as an Ice Cream skateboard deck or a Humanrace sweater. These digital wearables were made accessible to the “OG” Doodle NFT holders on April 28.

    Doodles continues to push boundaries in the NFT space by combining art, technology, and community engagement. With the introduction of these curated wearables, the project not only provides a unique digital experience but also fosters a sense of individual expression and connectivity within its vibrant ecosystem.

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