Ethereum Smartphone Sells Out in 24 Hours

    The recently launched Ethereum-based smartphone achieved remarkable success, with all 50 available units selling out within just 24 hours. This innovative device, often referred to as the “Ethereum Phone,” shares its physical design with the Google Pixel 7a, but its defining feature is the ethOS operating system, which is deeply integrated with the Ethereum network.

    EthOS, derived from the Greek word for “character,” not only signifies the device’s unique operating system but also embodies its distinctive capabilities. Most notably, the Ethereum Phone functions as a light node within the Ethereum network, thanks to its built-in Ethereum light client. This means it can autonomously validate blocks, enhancing its utility for users.

    The smartphone is equipped with various integrated tools for seamless payment handling and messaging. It leverages Ethereum Name Services (ENS) to simplify payment processes and supports Ethereum Virtual Machines (EVM), ensuring compatibility with Layer 2 scaling solutions.

    Procuring one of these cutting-edge devices was no easy feat due to the limited initial release of only 50 units. Prospective buyers were required to acquire an ethOS non-fungible token (NFT) to become eligible for purchase. This NFT could then be redeemed to secure the smartphone.

    Competition in the mobile Web3 space is heating up, with the Ethereum smartphone’s main rival, the Solana Saga smartphone, facing challenges. Recent data indicates that the Solana Saga has only managed to sell slightly over 2,000 units since its launch. In response, Solana Labs reduced the phone’s price from $1,000 to a more competitive $599, a strategic move following the announcement of the Ethereum smartphone’s highly-anticipated release this fall.

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