Futurama’s Hilarious Take on Bitcoin Miners

    Futurama, the beloved animated series, has returned with a fresh twist, this time poking fun at the world of Bitcoin miners.

    In its latest episode, the show playfully envisions a future where both humans and robots are still actively engaged in the pursuit of Bitcoin mining in the year 3023.

    Venturing into Crypto Country
    The third episode of the new season, titled “How the West Was 1010001,” premiered on Hulu on August 6th.

    The storyline unfolds with the main characters owing a significant debt to the infamous Robot Mafia. Their solution involves embarking on a journey to “Crypto Country,” a setting reminiscent of the Wild West, humorously mirroring the extreme lengths miners currently go to for Bitcoin extraction.

    Amid the laughs, Futurama amusingly suggests that Bitcoin’s price volatility persists even in 3023. The ceaseless quest for “cheap, filthy electricity” for mining purposes appears to be an unchanging aspect of the future.

    Ethereum and Doge Join the Fun
    The episode doesn’t shy away from inventive jokes. Thallium, an element used in crafting crypto mining chips, takes center stage. The storyline even takes a detour to a creatively named Old West-style town, “Doge City.” A particularly witty quip involves Bitcoin miners consuming so much power that they’re humorously “ionizing the atmosphere.”

    While Bitcoin is the star, other cryptocurrencies share the limelight. Ethereum is humorously referred to as “danged Ethereum.” Intriguingly, the episode showcases robot heads repurposed for mining operations.

    A Glimpse into the Future
    Having debuted in March 1999, Futurama often mirrors contemporary cultural trends. With digital assets now firmly mainstream, this inclusion of crypto-themed content is unsurprising.

    A Curious Omission
    Yet, one question remains unanswered: Why, in the satirical landscape of 3023, are characters still engrossed in Bitcoin mining? The show conveniently sidesteps this query, leaving viewers to ponder. With the concept of Bitcoin halving, which reduces the block reward over time, many predictions point to the year 2140 as the point when the final block will be mined.

    As Futurama continues its humorous exploration of the crypto realm, it’s worth noting that an upcoming episode is set to delve into the world of non-fungible tokens (NFTs).

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