Introducing SourceLess Blockchain: A Next-Generation Web Platform

    SourceLess is a groundbreaking technology that leverages Distributed Ledger, Peer-to-Peer connections, and Str.domain to connect all individuals and Blockchains in a Web3 platform. This creates the first World Wide Blockchain under SourceLess Platform.

    SourceLess Blockchain is the future of the web’s evolution, making the Internet smarter and capable of processing information with near-human efficiency. It achieves this through the use of artificial intelligence systems that can run intelligent programs to assist users.

    The SourceLess ecosystem is designed to prevent malware or computer viruses from executing. Using blockchain characteristics proof, blockchain identity ensures that bad intentions cannot exist on the internet, and digital identities are white-labeled by KYC and AML. This provides protection against identity theft as the information is secured by blockchain and DLT, with Peer-to-Peer networking utilizing 256-bit encryption from Web 2.0 to Web 3.0.

    SourceLess Blockchain’s node, with a memory size of less than 1MB, is designed to cancel any security issues by running within the SourceLess Blockchain and preventing any viruses or malware from executing. This node serves as the encryption core system.

    For example, if every car has a SourceLess Blockchain node (1 MB) installed/pre-installed on the car’s main computer, any potential fraud or deficiencies can be verified or accessed by the owner of the SourceLess Blockchain fork.

    SourceLess aim to create the World Wide Blockchain.

    The World Wide Blockchain (WWB) is an information system where documents and other web resources are uncorrupted through end-to-end encryption, identified by a SourceLess Domain (domain, such as STR.example) and accessible on the internet using the SourceLess platform.

    The address mapping is in the form STR.Name, both for personal space (wallet and space) and the business part, STR.Company. This allows for 128 characters after STR and 54 characters (numbers and letters), creating a public address that provides a simple and clear identification for the use of all services and paths in the ecosystem.

    In the SourceLess Blockchain vision, remapping the web with domain names applied as web identifiers and personal or business spaces (as hosting this time) would offer enormous benefits. These include ownership of personal space or in the SourceLess Blockchain DLT database, as well as communication channels that are not based on traditional communication channels such as http or ftp.

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