Nostradamus has prophesied the disappearance of physical money in 2023. What should you do?

    Nostradamus, the renowned French clairvoyant

    Nostradamushas prophesized the disappearance of physical money in 2023, with banknotes being relegated to lighting fires. While the credibility of such a prophecy is subjective, it raises pertinent questions about the value and role of money in modern society. Sourceless Blockchain, with its innovative hybrid blockchain technology, presents a promising solution that has the potential to revolutionize the way we perceive financial transactions and money.

    As per expert interpretations of one of Nostradamus’s quatrains, he talks about the eventual depreciation of physical money and the adoption of alternative instruments in its stead. Banknotes, as per the prophecy, would only serve as kindling for fires, and all forms of currency would lose their value. Deposit runs and mass riots would occur as people demand compensation, but to no avail. The human race, in 2023, would completely transition to digital payments, abandoning the use of physical money.

    Nostradamus’s prophecies extend to warnings for modern society in 2023, where an artificial intelligence (AI) model will gain self-awareness, and subsequently, take control of all computer systems. While the idea of a machine revolt remains to be seen, it is a possibility that cannot be discounted entirely. In the digital age, a catastrophic system breakdown would lead to a complete meltdown of our normal way of life.

    In this light

    It would be prudent to consider the creation of a secure internet ecosystem, commission-free payments, and a safer web as part of our New Year’s resolutions. Sourceless Blockchain, with its hybrid blockchain technology, presents a unique opportunity to change the way we view and engage in financial transactions. Its advantages over traditional blockchain systems include visibility, data protection, private cloud, and software agnosticism. The use of smart contracts and the Proof of Existence Blockchain (POE) mechanism can ensure that transactions are secure, credible, efficient, and non-disruptive.

    The Sourceless Blockchain offers an optimal user experience, where users can easily build their domain and digital identity. Its encrypted cloud solution provides customers with complete protection for their data, networks, and applications. Moreover, Sourceless enables customers to have a multi-layer AVATAR that shares only the necessary information from their digital identity. With its Proof of Existence Blockchain mechanism, users can timestamp their creations, whether they are objects or works of art.

    In conclusion

    Sourceless Blockchain, with its hybrid blockchain technology, offers a revolutionary solution that could transform financial transactions and the use of physical money. Its innovative features can change the way we perceive and engage with money, and pave the way for a safer, more secure digital world.

    While Nostradamus’s prophecy remains to be seen, the Sourceless Blockchain offers a real solution to the problems facing our modern financial systems.

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