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    football nfts

    Romanian Football NFTs on FIFA Collect

    The beautiful game gets a digital upgrade! The Romanian Football Federation (FRF) becomes the pioneer national association to join the FIFA Collect platform, powered by Modex. This groundbreaking partnership...
    metaverse games

    Metaverse Alive with Games & Travel!

    Remember the metaverse hype? While it may not be dominating headlines anymore, major brands are quietly building exciting virtual worlds. Let's dive into 3 projects proving the metaverse is...

    SourceLess: Domains, Chat & Wallet

    The web is waking up! We're ditching the data-hungry giants and building a new internet: Web3. But how do you navigate this new frontier? Enter SourceLess, your one-stop shop...
    house bitcoin

    Buying a House with Bitcoin

    Forget bidding wars, Bitcoin might just unlock your dream home! While it may not be as mainstream as a mortgage yet, buying a house with Bitcoin is becoming a...
    sourceless zixxar

    SourceLess & ZiXXar Team Up

    SourceLess and ZiXXar join forces to empower entrepreneurs! This exciting partnership leverages SourceLess' secure STR Domains and ZiXXar's vibrant marketplace to unlock new opportunities for businesses worldwide. What's in it...
    web3 decentralized future

    Web3: Decentralized Future

    The internet is on the cusp of a revolution. Web 3.0, also known as web3, promises to break the stranglehold of big tech and empower users with control over...
    blockchain turbocharged

    Blockchain Gets Turbocharged: SourceLess & the Era of TPmS

    Forget TPS, it's the era of TPmS! SourceLess Blockchain shatters speed limitations with Transactions Per MilliSecond, processing transactions in under a second. Why is speed crucial? Seamless User Experiences: Faster transactions...
    bitcoin halving

    Bitcoin: Halving Day!

    Brace yourselves, Bitcoin enthusiasts! The next Bitcoin halving event is on the horizon, a pre-programmed feature of the Bitcoin network that significantly impacts the cryptocurrency's supply and economics. What is...

     NASA’s VR Astronaut Training

    Forget the shopping sprees and virtual concerts! NASA is using the metaverse for a mission-critical purpose: training astronauts for life on the Moon. Training for a Moonbase Yet to Be...
    crypto projects

    Your Guide to New Crypto Projects

    New to crypto and eager to explore? Finding promising projects can be overwhelming. Here's your roadmap to uncovering hidden gems: Investment Platforms: IEOs & IDOs: Look for curated project offerings on platforms...
    wine web3

    GrtWines: Wine Goes Web3

    Wine lovers rejoice! GrtWines is shaking up the $441 billion fine wine market by putting it on the blockchain. This Web3 platform, co-founded by wine critic James Suckling, allows...
    selfie memecoin

    From Selfies to Memecoins

    Remember the Indonesian selfie NFT guy? Sultan Gustaf Al Ghozali is back, and this time, he's minting millions with memecoins! His latest project, blending memecoin and NFTs on the...
    bitcoin bullish

    Bitcoin: Bullish Signs

    Bitcoin bulls rejoice! After a tumultuous 11-day dip, the king of crypto is back above $70,000, surging 5.4% in the last 24 hours. This rally has a ripple effect,...
    seed phrase crypto

    Seed Phrase: Your Crypto Key

    Imagine losing your phone with all your crypto holdings on it. Yikes! But fear not, there's a safety net – your seed phrase. What is a Seed Phrase? Think of it...
    solana meme

    Solana’s Meme Mania Hype

    Solana's meme coin scene continues to be a wild west of opportunity and potential pitfalls. Here's a recent case study that highlights the high-risk, high-reward (and sometimes regret) nature...

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