Polemo Games: Upland’s Innovative Play-to-Earn Experience

    Upland, a pioneering force in Web3 metaverse gaming, is thrilled to announce its groundbreaking venture, Polemo Games. This innovative platform merges captivating gameplay with play-to-earn dynamics, revolving around polemology—the scholarly study of war and combat.

    Polemo Games: Where Gaming Meets Blockchain Innovation
    Nestled within the Upland platform, Polemo Games offers an immersive space for players to delve into community building and asset ownership.

    Fuelled by a blockchain-driven economy, players gain ownership of in-game assets like characters and weaponry, earning tangible real-world value. Leveraging non-fungible tokens (NFTs) to represent these assets showcases the game’s commitment to infusing cutting-edge technology into gaming experiences.

    Accessible via Upland’s virtual map within the digital realm of Arlington, Texas, Polemo Games beckons players to the Polemo MetaFort. Here, they can immerse themselves in a range of mini-games, starting with the X Polemo Range shooting game. Strategic prowess is rewarded with exclusive weapon packs available for purchase using UPX tokens.

    Sean Marra, CEO of Polemo Games, expressed:

    “Polemo Games is propelled by a deep gaming passion and a commitment to redefine the gaming landscape. Our platform empowers gamers and developers alike, forging a more equitable and enjoyable gaming journey for everyone involved.”

    Cross-Platform Availability: PC, Consoles, and Mobile
    Built on the foundation of decentralization, inclusivity, and innovation, Polemo Games seeks to revolutionize gaming engagement, connectivity, and earnings. Offering a multi-platform experience across PC, mobile, and consoles, the X Polemo Range amplifies gaming accessibility.

    Upland warmly invites players to explore this thrilling gaming universe by joining the community through their website. Additionally, Upland has exciting plans for its Spark token, now named “Sparklet” on Ethereum, set to be tradeable on exchanges. An approved White Paper, supported by an overwhelming 87% majority in the Upland community, outlines these developments.

    About Upland: Pioneering a Digital Open Economy
    Upland stands as a blockchain-based mobile strategy game intricately mapped onto the real world, aspiring to build the largest digital open economy. Boasting over 3 million registered accounts and 300,000 landowners, Upland fosters a vibrant community of players, entrepreneurs, creators, developers, and brands. Within this thriving ecosystem powered by UPX and Spark tokens, players engage in activities like virtual property trading, world-building, collecting, and exhilarating car racing experiences.

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