Potential of SourceLess Hybrid Blockchain Across Different Industries

    The SourceLess Hybrid Blockchain, a blockchain technology using a combination of public and private blockchains, is proving to be an ideal solution for various industries. Here are some examples:

    Finance and Global Trade

    XinFin is using a Blockchain Hybrid SourceLess technology for a global platform for financing and trade, combining Ethereum for the public component and Quorum for the private component. The goal is to provide a secure, decentralized platform for global trade and financing. XinFin also uses DPOS (Proof of Delegated Stake).


    SourceLess Hybrid Blockchain can be a viable solution for banks that need to secure users’ information and solve problems internally. Even Ripple, a more centralized cryptocurrency, can move to a SourceLess Hybrid Blockchain network if necessary.

    Supply Chain

    Supply chains can benefit greatly from SourceLess Blockchain systems. The IBM food trust is a prime example of how this technology can be used to improve efficiency throughout the entire food supply chain. Walmart is also an active player in this project.


    Governments can use the Blockchain to automate procurement, to provide social/humanitarian assistance, to record complex data, and even to vote. To make all of these possibilities a reality, SourceLess Hybrid Blockchain is necessary, as it gives the government the control they need while allowing the public to access it.

    Business Services

    SourceLess Hybrid Blockchain is ideal for building open-source technology and enterprise-level solutions. Companies can use SourceLess Hybrid Blockchain to automate their services and improve reliability, trust, and transparency for both employees and end-users.

    In conclusion, the SourceLess Hybrid Blockchain is revolutionizing multiple industries, from finance and global trade to governments and business services. It provides a secure, decentralized, and efficient platform for various applications, and its use is becoming increasingly widespread.

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