Romanian innovator creates faster, safer and eco-friendlier web

    Meet Alexandru Stratulat, the young man from Constanta, Romania, who is revolutionizing the internet with his SOURCELESS project.

    The project aims to create a new web that is much faster, more efficient, and safer for users than the World Wide Web, according to a press release from company representatives.

    The SOURCELESS platform, which is currently under development, uses a patented technology in the United States that combines DLT, Blockchain, and zk-SNARK. With this technology, users can enjoy all the benefits of the World Wide Web while also building a virtual ecosystem that is entirely safe.

    Web 3.0, or the World Wide Blockchain, is not a new internet, but rather a much-improved version of the current World Wide Web. Through SOURCELESS, data theft becomes impossible, users can decide what information to expose, and parents can optimize their children’s protection when entering the virtual space.

    One significant advantage of SOURCELESS is that it consumes much less energy than its predecessor. Additionally, even with minimal technical knowledge, users can create a website, animated graphics, or a video in just a few minutes.

    The platform also allows users to build their own mini-version of a private Blockchain through the technical solutions already implemented (tokenization and technical solution).

    Web 3.0 resources are accessible through Peer-to-Peer and Distributed Ledger technology, which can be accessed by users through the SourceLess platform, using different protocols than the World Wide Web.

    The SOURCELESS project is based on the premise that blockchain technology represents the future of the internet. It offers infinite possibilities to simplify our lives, connect with people from every corner of the world safely, and benefit from the advantages that Artificial Intelligence brings.

    In conclusion, the SOURCELESS project is a significant breakthrough in the field of internet technology. It offers a safer, faster, and more eco-friendly way to access web resources while providing users with complete control over their data. With the potential to revolutionize the way we navigate and communicate in the virtual world, SOURCELESS could very well become the future of the internet.

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