Smurfs’ Universe Launches 3D NFT Collection

    The Smurfs, a well-known and long-lasting entertainment company, has entered the NFT space with an exclusive collection of 12,500 3D NFTs, which also serve as historical assets for the Smurfs Universe game. The company’s entry into the Web3 industry aims to introduce new experiences, better personal rewards, and mechanisms to support improved creativity, all in line with the community’s ‘for good’ values, essential to the Smurfs trademark.

    The collection includes 250 different Smurf characters, each with 50 unique variations and over 300 randomized attributes like background effects, illumination, skins, and fashionable effects per character. Holders of these NFTs will have access to artist amenities, physical prints, game tickets, lotteries, and wine bottles.

    Smurfs’ Universe will use a Rarible-powered advanced bucket auction to determine the collection’s value. The bucket auction will enable the community to determine the entire collection’s mint price, following a community-led approach that adds value to the community rather than setting a random price.

    The company has partnered with numerous Web3 enthusiasts, including over 100 communities in the Web3 industry, in preparation for its launch on April 18, which will see 3,000 NFTs released for trade. The collection features artwork by several famous artists, including Phillipe, Fafi Birtak, Andre, Antonyo Marest, Richard Orlinski, and many others.

    While NFTs have gained significant attention in recent years, some critics argue that they are just a passing trend, with little practical use. However, Smurfs’ Universe is determined to prove the potential of NFTs in the entertainment industry, providing a unique and interactive experience for collectors and fans alike.

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