Snapchat Influencer Utilizes AI Doppelganger to Monetize Audience

    Caryn Marjorie, a 23-year-old Snapchat influencer with 1.84 million subscribers on Snapchat and 215,000 followers on Instagram, has launched an AI-based girlfriend project called CarynAI.

    CarynAI was developed by Forever Voices using over 2,000 hours of audio from Marjorie’s deleted YouTube videos, with the virtual girlfriend closely replicating Marjorie’s voice and speaking patterns in a text and audio-based format. The project saw 1,000 sign-ups in the first week of its early beta, which ended on May 9, with users paying around $1 per minute of interaction with CarynAI.

    The project has already earned $71,610 during the beta stage, and Marjorie expects to make around $5 million per month with just 20,000 subscribers from her large following.

    The emergence of AI chatbots has led to an increase in discussion of AI girlfriends. The free access to OpenAI’s chatbot, ChatGPT, has allowed developers to create AI chatbots with human-like conversation abilities. Websites such as the “10 Best AI Girlfriend Apps to Customize Virtual Companion in 2023” are becoming more popular, despite head-scratching reports of Replika bot users who are proudly abusing their virtual girlfriends.

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