SourceLess Blockchain Launches an Impenetrable System for the Automotive Industry

    SourceLess Blockchain, a leading blockchain technology provider, has launched a highly secure system designed specifically for the automotive industry. By integrating a SourceLess Blockchain node into a car’s computer, the system creates an encryption core that is impervious to malware and viruses.

    The SourceLess Blockchain node has a memory size of less than 1MB and acts as a node in the system, offering robust security that is critical for the automotive industry. With this technology, car manufacturers can solve various cybersecurity problems such as changes to the car’s real mileage, parameters, history of generic errors, and the unique digital identity of the vehicle.

    The system also offers features such as instant reporting of vehicle errors to service providers, reminders of legal inspections that need to be performed, and checks to eliminate the risk of crashes. By implementing this technology, the top auto brands around the world can solve their software problems and ensure their vehicles remain secure and protected.

    SourceLess Blockchain fully integrates companies into its SourceLess PLATFORM, providing solutions to current cybersecurity problems such as cloud security, application security, data security, identity access management, infrastructure protection, network security equipment, security services, consumer security software, and integrated risk management.

    The unique digital identity, STR.domain, allows anyone to connect to the SourceLess platform. Every STR.domain owner must complete the KYC & AML verification process before accessing the platform’s full functionality. Based on KYC & AML protocols, all identities are clear and certified, making the system 100% white label.

    SourceLess auto-nodes provide high efficiency and could provide a solution to cyber threats in car theft, smart computational redundancy, and extreme high-processing speed. The technology can be integrated with older cars without internet access by communicating with any smartphone and pairing it with the node using Bluetooth.

    The SourceLess system offers deeper solutions than other current technology providers. The company is working on a ‘keyless-go’ system, based on the smallest and smartest technology named zero-knowledge snark (SNARK) working as a validation system. The proof will be the node with the connection to str.owner, creating an unbreakable/unhackable system without the need for a car key.

    Overall, SourceLess Blockchain offers a comprehensive and secure system that could revolutionize the automotive industry by providing an unbreakable encryption system that ensures the safety and protection of vehicles and their owners.

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