SourceLess Blockchain Platform: How it Works for Clients

    SourceLess Hybrid Blockchain platform provides clients with access to Blockchain activities while keeping their identities secret from other participants for privacy protection. Clients can make transactions, view and modify them, and join transactions with equivalent rights. However, their identities are only revealed to the party they trade with. Companies and organizations must perform KYC (Know Your Customer) to ensure that the identification process is accurate. Financial institutions need to manage it correctly to prevent users who are not entirely familiar with Blockchain from performing transactions.

    The technology used in SourceLess Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) ensures secure information storage using cryptography, cryptographic marks, and keys to permit access only to authorized clients. DLT creates a permanent database, which means stored information cannot be deleted, and any updates are permanently recorded for future reference.

    SourceLess Hybrid Blockchain works in a closed ecosystem, ensuring companies and organizations that their information is secure and protected from leaks. It is immune to a 51% attack, which hackers cannot access to carry out the attack.

    Using SourceLess Blockchain also comes with low transaction costs as the strongest nodes in the network can easily verify transactions, which would require thousands of nodes in a public Blockchain.

    Overall, SourceLess Blockchain Platform provides a secure and cost-effective solution for companies and organizations that want to take advantage of Blockchain technology while ensuring client privacy and protecting their information from leaks.

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