SourceLess Blockchain: The Future of Web3 Technology

    SourceLess Blockchain is a revolutionary technology that is set to transform the web as we know it. This next stage in the web’s evolution aims to make the internet smarter and more efficient by processing information through artificial intelligence systems. These systems will run intelligent programs to help users access and manage data with near-human efficiency.

    Using Distributed Ledger, Peer-to-Peer connections, and Str.domain as the account identifier, SourceLess Blockchain connects every human and existing blockchain on a Web3 platform, creating the first World Wide Blockchain under the SourceLess Platform. This innovative platform enables the creation of an information system where documents and other web resources are incorruptible through end-to-end encryption, identified by a SourceLess Domain (such as STR.example) and accessible on the internet using the SourceLess platform.

    The Web3 resources are transferred via Distributed Ledger and Peer-to-Peer technology, and users can access them through the SourceLess Platform software application. The World Wide Blockchain is not equivalent to the internet, which has been around for over two decades and is based on associated technologies.

    In summary, the SourceLess Blockchain has real potential to change the way we use the internet, making it smarter, more efficient, and more secure. It provides a new level of trust and transparency, enabling individuals and organizations to interact and transact with greater confidence. As this technology continues to develop, we can expect to see more innovative use cases emerge, and we can only imagine the possibilities it may bring.

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