SourceLess: Innovating Web Services and Addressing

    SourceLess vision transcends conventional web paradigms. SourceLess aim to revolutionize the usage of domain-type names, transforming them into not just identifiers but virtual domains within the blockchain realm. This application, whether for personal ownership or integration within the SourceLess DLT database, offers extensive benefits.

    Pioneering the SourceLess Hybrid Blockchain

    SourceLess hybrid blockchain model merges the strengths of public and private blockchains, offering unparalleled customization options. It enables entry into the authorized network post proper identity verification, granting specific permissions for designated network activities.

    SourceLess grants tailored permissions to each participant, empowering them to execute distinct blockchain operations such as access, retrieval, and data alteration.

    Embracing the Advantages of Hybrid Blockchains

    Increasingly, companies are gravitating towards authorized hybrid networks, capitalizing on the ability to selectively impose restrictions during network setup and govern the roles of diverse participants.

    Empowering Transactions and Security

    SourceLess hybrid network amalgamates the intrinsic strengths of a public blockchain—security, transparency, immutability, and decentralization. Simultaneously, its exclusivity ensures the containment of sensitive data within the network, fortifying its overall security. SourceLess offers the epitome of online security by harmonizing the best elements from both public and private blockchain landscapes.

    Join SourceLess at Crypto Expo Milan 2023

    Meet the SourceLess team at Crypto Expo Milan 2023 and discover how they’re transforming the web landscape with pioneering hybrid blockchain solutions.

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