Spirits: BrewDog, Degen Distillery and Google

    In a groundbreaking collaboration, BrewDog and Degen Distillery, backed by Google’s Web3 startup program, are set to unveil the world’s first crowd-created spirits brand. This unique venture, at the intersection of community collaboration, blockchain technology, and Google’s tech prowess, signifies a remarkable innovation within the spirits industry.

    The Collaborative Essence
    Degen Distillery officially announced the partnership on November 9, showcasing a distinctive approach that heavily involves community input. From crucial aspects like branding and design to the very recipes that define these spirits, the public’s voice plays a pivotal role in shaping this new brand.

    Degen Distillery sets itself apart by integrating blockchain technology into its creative process. Through the use of NFTs, individuals can now claim ownership of their creative contributions, forging a direct link between the creative journey and tangible rewards. This pioneering move positions Degen Distillery as a trailblazer in the spirits industry.

    Google’s Pivotal Contribution
    Central to this venture is Google’s active participation through its Web3 startup program. This partnership not only taps into the technological resources of the tech giant but also leverages valuable assets like Google Cloud credits and a comprehensive support network. This network provides crucial assistance in both technical aspects and business growth.

    The support from Google proves instrumental in advancing Degen Distillery’s ‘social distribution’ model, an innovative concept introduced by Sammy Verghese, co-founder, and CEO of Degen Labs. This model seeks to revolutionize the spirits industry by not only focusing on product creation but also on their distribution. It envisions a global network of creative minds and innovators contributing to the entire lifecycle of spirits, from ideation to consumption.

    In conclusion, the collaboration between BrewDog, Degen Distillery and Google signals a transformative shift in the spirits industry. By marrying community involvement, blockchain technology, and the technological prowess of Google, this venture is poised to redefine how spirits are created, experienced, and distributed in the Web3 era.

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