Steam Takes a Stance Against AI-Generated Content on Its Platform

    Steam, the leading PC gaming library, has recently come under scrutiny for its approach to games developed using generative AI tools. Reports have emerged suggesting that the company is rejecting games that incorporate AI-generated art due to potential copyright concerns.

    Valve, the owner of Steam, has confirmed these rumors. A Reddit user, known as “Potterharry97,” shared Valve’s response to a game submission featuring AI-generated art. The game was declined for publication based on concerns surrounding the legal ownership of the AI-generated content.

    This incident is not an isolated case. Indie developer Jake Birkett from Grey Alien Games also tweeted about Valve’s response to AI-generated text in a game. Additionally, several anonymous posters have claimed that their games faced resistance from Valve due to the presence of AI-assisted content.

    However, it seems that Steam has not implemented a complete ban on games incorporating AI components, at least not yet. Games that have previously been approved and include AI elements are still available on the platform.

    Interestingly, art inspired by non-fungible tokens (NFTs) seems to be an exception. “Only Up,” a game that has been gaining popularity on the streaming platform, features artwork from Goblintown. Nevertheless, the inclusion of both NFT and AI-generated content in video games raises significant questions regarding intellectual property rights.

    The issue of AI-generated content in games has sparked a debate within the gaming community. While some argue that AI can enhance creativity and expand possibilities, others express concerns about potential copyright infringements and the ownership of AI-created assets.

    As the gaming industry continues to explore the capabilities of AI, it is likely that further discussions and considerations around intellectual property and AI-generated content will arise. Steam’s stance on this matter sets a precedent for how platforms and developers navigate this complex landscape in the future.

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