The Future of Digital Identity

    Str.Domains, a registry for contact domains, is utilizing blockchain technology to secure and enhance information flow in a way never seen before. By acquiring a Str.Domain, you gain a unique digital identity to connect to the SourceLess Platform that will be yours forever. This digital identity, or Str.Domain, serves as a personal identifier in the SourceLess network and comes with a technological and complex account/domain.

    In contrast, the Domain Name System (DNS) is a system that turns domain names into IP addresses that browsers use to load internet pages. DNS servers eliminate the need for humans to memorize IP addresses. Every device connected to the internet has its own IP address, which is used by other devices to locate the device. The operating system of the device stores DNS resource records through the use of caching. Caching prevents redundancy when someone tries to go to a site.

    However, Str.Domains offers more than just a personal identifier. It helps establish long-lasting relationships between you, your contacts, and their contacts by ensuring the data exchanged is tamper-proof, correct, and up to date, thereby building trust between partners.

    Every Str.Domain owner must complete KYC & AML verification before they can access the full functionality of their domain. It’s possible to purchase multiple Str.Domain addresses, and sell them at any price at any time, but only through SourceLess Inc., the owner of the SourceLess Platform.

    All identities are clear and certified based on the KYC & AML protocols, ensuring that the system is 100% white label. In contrast, wNFT represents lifetime property of a Str.Domain within the SourceLess Blockchain Ecosystem. Each Str.Domain is linked to an wNFT, which grants its owner exclusive access to their digital identity.

    While DNS and HTTP provide a way to access internet resources, Str.Domains provides an innovative solution for secure and trustworthy digital identity management, establishing a lasting relationship between you, your contacts, and their contacts.

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