Web Evolves: AI, VR & Tech

    Tim Berners-Lee, the mastermind behind the World Wide Web, recently shared his vision for the internet’s next chapter.

    AI Assistants: Your Trusted Digital Partner:

    Berners-Lee predicts a future with intelligent AI assistants acting as personal advisors, offering support like a trusted doctor.

    VR & Spatial Computing: Redefining How We Interact:

    Get ready to step into the virtual world! Berners-Lee believes VR and spatial computing will become the primary way we interact with computers. Imagine seamlessly switching between VR headsets, large screens, and mobile devices, with your experience flowing effortlessly across them.

    The Metaverse Takes Center Stage:

    While Berners-Lee doesn’t directly mention Web3, his focus on VR and spatial computing aligns heavily with the immersive nature of the metaverse.

    Potential Tech Shakeup on the Horizon:

    The tech landscape may face a reshuffle, with Berners-Lee suggesting the possibility of breaking up Big Tech companies to ensure a more balanced playing field.

    A Legacy of Innovation Continues:

    This visionary’s predictions spark a glimpse into a future where technology becomes more intuitive and immersive, fundamentally changing the way we interact with the digital world.

    Disclaimer: This text is for informational purposes only and does not necessarily reflect the complete scope of Berners-Lee’s interview.

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