Web3 Social Media Protocol Unveils ‘Layer 3’ Network for Instantaneous Posts

    Lens, the innovative Web3 social media protocol, has made an exciting announcement regarding the launch of its new “layer 3” network designed to enhance scalability for blockchain social media applications. Named “Bonzai,” this network effectively processes and stores posts, comments, and shares, relieving the burden on the Polygon network and significantly improving scalability for Lens users.

    At its core, Lens is a blockchain protocol that enables users to establish a portable “social graph,” which encompasses their digital connections with others. Once a connection is established within a Lens application, users can seamlessly transfer those connections to any other application built on the Lens protocol. The official website of the protocol showcases a diverse range of 17 Lens-based social media apps, including Buttrfly, DumplingTV, Lenster, Lenstube, and many more.

    Operating on the Polygon network, which serves as a second layer solution for Ethereum, Lens is part of a wave of decentralized social media protocols that have emerged in recent years. Alongside Lens, notable platforms such as Subsocial, DeSo, and others have ventured into the decentralized social media landscape. Developers behind these protocols aspire to extend the appeal of blockchain networks beyond the realm of finance. While these decentralized social media platforms have yet to reach the same level of success as mainstream Web2 applications like Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube, blockchain experts hold the belief that decentralized social media will be the next significant trend within the crypto space.

    By leveraging the power of Web3 technology, Lens and other similar protocols aim to revolutionize the way individuals connect, interact, and share information online. As the digital landscape continues to evolve, decentralized social media platforms hold immense potential to shape the future of online social experiences, bringing about a paradigm shift in the world of crypto.

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